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Failure is a stranger to no one; from the individual, to an organization, to a nation

The PMAF References and Reading List

One of the drawbacks of working with a blog format is that there is less emphasis on references and in-text citations because the audience is not expected to be an academically inclined. I don’t mind making things easier on the eyes of audiences by foregoing in-text citations, however, I do want to encourage interested readers to find and read the sources.

Check back periodically for updates to this list.

Fishman, B. (2016). The master plan: ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the jihadi strategy for final victory. [Kindle]. Yale University Press. Retrieved from Amazon books. – New book, haven’t read yet.

Galanter, M. (1989). Cults: Faith, healing, and coercion. New York, Oxford University Press. – Another look at cults, cult ideology, and cult control.

Haslam, S.A. (2004). Psychology in organizations: The social identity approach second edition. [Kindle]. Sage Publications Ltd. Retrieved from Amazon books. – Excellent and easy to read book on Social Identity Theory in groups. 

Hassan, S. (1990). Combatting cult mind control: The #1 best-selling guide to protection, rescue, and recovery from destructive cult mind control. Rochester, Park Street Press. – This is the edition featured in the original Delphi Forums blog in 2007. Excellent examination of the processes and techniques used in mind control. 

Hassan, S. (2016). Combating cult mind control: The #1 best-selling guide to protection, rescue, and recovery from destructive cults 25th anniversary edition. [Kindle]. Freedom of Mind Press. Retrieved from Amazon books. An updated edition that includes cult mind control in an online, internet context. Must Read.

Hassan, S. (2013). Freedom of mind: Helping loved ones leave controlling people, cults and beliefs. [Kindle]. Freedom of Mind Press. Retrieved from Amazon books. New book, have not read yet. 

Hoffman, B. (2006). Inside terrorism: Revised and expanded edition. Columbia University Press. [Kindle]. Retrieved from Amazon books. – One of the single best books I have ever had the luck to read on the history and current context of terrorism, extremism, and the radicalization process. Author goes in-depth into how extremist terrorists are recruited and controlled. Must Read.

Kettl, D. (2014). System under stress: The challenges to 21st Century Governance. [Kindle]. CQPress. Retrieved from Amazon books. – Examination of the many challenges of good governance and the critical importance of governing with integrity (this was a textbook in a Master’s level Homeland Security degree).

McCants, W. (2015). The ISIS apocalypse: The history, strategy, and doomsday vision of the Islamic State. [Kindle]. St. Martin’s Press. Retrieved from Amazon books. Exactly what it claims to be; the history of Islamic State as an off-shoot of Al-Qaeda, details the separation, establishment of the caliphate; strategy, rhetoric, and narrative of the Islamic State.

Milgram, S. (2009). Obedience to authority: The experiment that challenged human nature. New York, Harper Perennial Modern Thought. -A re-issue of Stanley Milgram’s original book that gives a complete description of the original sets of experiments as well as some descriptions of subsequent independent research work duplicating his findings. A must read.

Raphael, M. (1996). Spiritual vampires: The use and misuse of spiritual power. Santa Fe, The Message Company. – An interesting description of religious, spiritual, New Age, and metaphysical cults and cult mind control. 

Rushkoff, D. 1999. Coercion: Why we listen to what “THEY” say. New York, Riverhead Books. -Old book I acquired a few years ago but had to set aside in favor of textbooks (school). 

Schneier, B. (2012). Liars and outliers: Enabling the trust that society needs to thrive. [Kindle]. John Wiley & Sons. Retrieved from Amazon books. – In-depth analysis of the problem of false narratives, rhetoric, propaganda, and misinformation and the potentially damaging consequences for democracies (this was a textbook in the Master’s level, Homeland Security degree). 

Stein, A. (2016). Inside out: A memoir of entering and breaking out of a Minneapolis political cult. [Kindle]. Gray Door Press. Retrieved from Amazon books. – Personal account of social psychologist Alexandra Stein’s experiences (ten year’s worth) with a political cult in the 1980’s.

Stein, A. (2017). Terror, love & brainwashing: Attachment in cults and totalitarian systems. [Kindle]. Routledge. Retrieved from Amazon books. New book, currently reading. Good explanation of attachment theory and what happens when the attachment figure is both a source of terror and a “safe haven”. Also explains the disconnection between the right brain (feeling) and the left brain (thinking) processes that result from disorganized attachment. Not only a must-read, but I recommend this one over Inside Out as the more informative of the two. 

Taylor, K. (2017). Brain washing: The science of thought control. [Kindle]. Oxford University Press. Retrieved from Amazon books. New book, have not read it yet. 

Zimbardo, P. (2007). The Lucifer effect: Understanding how good people turn evil. New York, Random House Trade Paperbacks. -Written by social psychologist Phillip Zimbardo, this book is about the infamous Stanford Prison experiment with some additional commentary regarding the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. Must Read.

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