Coffee, the magical elixir of the gods, how I do love thee. Especially when I have hungry kitties to feed, and the cell phone is giving me text alerts for job interviews…yes, texting to arrange a job interview. This is new. So far I have had two of these, plus at least two emails to arrange interviews this week.

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I’m also grateful for kittens, and recruiters, and LinkedIn, and cell phones and…

Plus, foster work that will have me up late tonight (Monday night)…so I have a phone call with a recruiter tomorrow, a job interview Wednesday morning, and another on Thursday morning. And make that another inquiry for an interview. This is wild; I had been using Indeed for jobs to apply to but when I put my resume up…nothing.

Yay coffee! I take mine with creamer. How do you like yours?

But then I put it up on and I had to turn one down because the only availability was for tomorrow and I am already tied up with things. Did I mention much of this occurred before I even got my first cup of coffee this morning? I think it must have been surprise over the text message routes recruiters are using. It is effective.

I mean, it certainly got my attention fast. But this will also make for a tough week as I try to balance everything that will need to be done in preparation for these interviews, along with current responsibilities. Wish me luck; it will also be a week of facing down interview anxiety which is no fun at all. I’m going to do my best to get past it though.

I have been known to be functional without coffee, but who wants to be functional, on purpose, without coffee?