To all the Military veterans (and their families) be they family, friends, former or current co-workers, or former classmates, hell, regardless of whether I actually know you or not…Thank You!

We exist as a nation only because of you.

It’s a hell of a job and the pay isn’t all that great; some people have a lot to say in terms of criticism, and the politicians like to talk ya’ll up on the holidays and then forget about you when it comes to healthcare and other necessities you need after fighting in their wars. And I can say that about the politicians because of you. Thank you.

I always wondered… 😉

And there are a lot of people, politicians included, who are notorious about talking a lot talk but have never actually walked  the walk. Thank each and every one of you (and your families too), for actually walking the walk. And then very of often acting like it was “nothing at all,  just my job, just my duty, no problem, had fun!” Yet you were risking your lives and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you.

Thank you!