Today’s post is in the process of being finished, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, will be postponed until next week. It’s nothing major going on here; I have a number of friends and family in the path of hurricane Florence which is certainly concerning, but many of them have been through such storms before.

But combine that with a temporary schedule change at work that necessitated a short sleep period, and the presence of a horde of tiny, anarchistic, rioting temporary house guests and well…four hours of sleep across two days is not conducive to a cohesive piece of writing. I know my limits; I need a decent amount of sleep or else I won’t be very productive at all.

And this is a study I think some will find very interesting; it’s another study done on the online gaming addiction topic, but this one deals with the effects of online gaming addiction on family members. It at least deserves my full attention in order to do a reasonably decent job of presenting what it’s all about. The Imagination Thursday Gothic Poetry and Friday’s Quietude photo posts will post without interruption.

See you all next week and if you are in the path of hurricane Florence, stay safe and good luck to you all.

Just kidding. Maybe. πŸ˜‰