Today’s gratitude goes out to the often heroic and unsung meme makers. It is after all the meme makers that keep us all laughing and fact-checking information for biases and propaganda. Frankly I don’t mind the fact-checking; even the professional news media can be biased or get themselves taken in by well-fashioned piece of propaganda. Luckily there are some good places to check and see what the bias is, or if its fact or fiction.

My favorites:


Media Bias Fact Check

One of my favorites.

But “fake news” propaganda aside, most memes are intended to spread humor, irony, and sarcasm, question assumptions, and in general, create a running social commentary that is easy to relate to. Where do they come from? The users of 4Chan and Reddit, but with a good generator program, anyone can make them; hence the problem of crediting the source of memes. They usually pass through Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you meme creators!

I am told however that this particular site: Know Your Meme is an internet meme database where you may be able to research specific memes for the story of how they became memes and possibly, just possibly, track down the original creator. I have yet to see an example of this; the first meme I tried to look up had yet to be added. Likely this is because memes are created much faster than they can be added to databases.

Did you know Sigmund Freud thought that humor could be a means of studying the content of the unconscious mind much like dreams? I always found this idea intriguing; there are many different forms of humor, some forms appeal more than others. I wonder what Freud would have thought of internet memes if he were alive today rather than the late 19th and early 20th century.

In any case, I am very grateful for these bits of internet fluff, banter, and humor and therefore very thankful to those clever folks that come up with them. I love  the creativity and expressiveness of them. In a world where so much that is negative travels so fast, this is one positive that may actually travel as fast if not perhaps a little faster.

Cheers and thanks for reading!