This week’s gratitude post goes out to….the readers and followers of Post Modern Apocalyptic Failure. Considering all of the “best advice and blogging tips” I continue to pretty much toss out the proverbial window, that I have any readers at all is pretty damned amazing and I love you all for it. Those of you who patiently put up with the 30 part series on online cults; you deserve medals, I am sure it got old after a while.

Blogging experts also say, be genuine, be unique, be yourself , even if it means breaking some rules. That’s a piece of advice I do agree with!

Just for fun, let’s clarify the blogging rules I like to throw right out that proverbial window:

Be concise; keep blog posts short and sweet, between 600-800 words– yep out the window with that! First, brevity and conciseness to this level requires too much over-simplification and generalization. This is okay if your intended audience consists of business executives and governmental policy-makers who are all status-focused and time-short, or the topic is introductory.

Unfortunately, there is far more introductory information on most topics than there are detailed pieces that gather enough information to be fully useful to readers. Usually that kind of detail is reserved for books, but not everyone has the time (or the funds) to read books that extensively. I think this is why there is such a market for book reviews, people find it very useful to look at reviews before making a book purchase.

The nice thing about blogs is that it is a bit of a best of both worlds; they can be less extensive than a book, but still provide ample information especially if you chunk it. In any case if I can’t read something all in one sitting, I can always come back and finish it later. I would rather leave the introductory fluff pieces for others and provide a little bit more information and perhaps argument on why more extensive reading is good.

Get your family and friends to follow your blog to increase your readership– yeah out the window with this one as well. First, its manipulative. “If you love me you will support my blog“. Taking advantage of other people’s good will and interest in you due to friendship or family ties strikes me as kind of sleazy. Family and friends don’t exist in the world solely to provide you with endless moral and/or financial support.

If they want to know what you are up to, interested in what you have to say, and genuinely appreciate your skill, they will do so on their own. If you have to ask them to, or beg them to, then there is no sense putting pressure on them to do so. For one thing the feedback would probably not be genuine; the interest has to be genuine for feedback to be genuine. Treasure honest interest; interest should be effortless or it’s not real.

Blogging would be no fun without you all.

That said, there are a few friends that do read from time to time, which means a lot to me because it is unsolicited. I know they are busy with their own lives and aren’t doing it because of an obligation. It also means that whileย PMAF grows more slowly, the readers that are following it are doing so on their own, and not because I made it look like it is more popular than it is by conscripting family and friends.

Stay away from controversial subjects such as politics and religion– Initially I did try to steer clear of both topics on the blog, but there comes a point when you realize that if the best argument for doing so is to avoid controversy, out of a fear of offending readers, it’s cowardly. This rule strikes me as a self-imposed fear-based limitation that makes sense for business-oriented blogs, but not for this blog.

Post Modern Apocalyptic Failure includes in its list of topics involving failure things like: terrorism, social breakdown, religious and political extremism, radicalization processes, cult indoctrination processes,ย failed states, domestic, homeland, and national security. Edit out the politics and religion elements in order to save feelings and avoid controversy would result in the loss of most of the context.

While I do try to keep things more or less bi-partisan in terms of politics I’d be lying if I said I approve of or support the policies of the current administration or that of the Republican Party. I think it is important for people to not be silenced when it comes to what they think about what is going on right now especially to avoid “controversy”, “offending readers” or “being unprofessional”.


So, all of that said….know that I deeply appreciate every one of you that has stopped here to read, like a post, leave a comment, re-blog, include me in tags and games, and follow this blog. I feel very much at home and in some really amazing company here in WordPress. I hope to learn a lot from you all on this journey as well; that may be the best part about blogging, you also get to be the reader too.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

Oh and a shout out to Katzenworld, thank you as well! My very own Emma Luna has made her debut on their Tummy Rub Tuesday which you can see here:ย Katzenworld Tummy Rub Tuesday