It is a tough choice on the gratitude side this week, as there are a number of things I am grateful for. One of them is that I have been sort of accumulating books by people in my online networks, while at the same time having quite a lot of books backlogged on my reading list. The first thing I am grateful for is everyone’s PATIENCE.

I know you are all hoping for a positive review of your books and I definitely want to give the books in question due diligence. I never did care for the concept of speed reading however; I like to read and think carefully about what I am reading as I go, so this means I tend to read slow at least with non-fiction.

Fiction tends to go more smoothly if I am at least awake enough to read, but therein lies the problem much of the time. I seldom have a sizable chunk of free time with which to read for pure entertainment these days. And well, as it happened, one of the bloggers here in WordPress was having a nice sale on one of her books.

It looked good, so I picked up a copy, and made a comment on the blog which was a requirement for a free giveaway of a print copy of the book. I did not expect to win it, but it turns out I did. It arrived in my mailbox on Saturday, and was set aside; as I had errands to run after which I expected to get some much-needed writing done Sunday.

The cats all had other ideas; first Edgar, and then Sophie, and then Emma and then Emma and Sophie, and then Emma and Tanya all had to get their lap time cuddles and naps in. It did not matter to Edgar if the laptop was in the way or not, he was happy to try sleeping on the keyboard and mouse pad. The laptop got set aside; no work for me.

This book deserves to be read. One human and four cats approved.

So there I was trapped under furry purring bodies, the Kindle battery had died and was on the charger in the other room, the cell phone was dead too, and on the charger in the living room. What did I have on hand? Mollie Hunt’s Mollie Hunt Placid River Runs Deep. So, feeling a little bit guilty for the other books on the waiting list..(sorry, will get to them soon).

I opened it up intending only to read the first chapter. One chapter usually tells me if a book is going to be good or not. How long could four cats nap (to be fair, I didn’t expect them to take shifts)? Nine chapters later….  Monday post due for PMAF, what? Ah hell, it can wait, it’s not Monday ye…oh, I guess it is, oops! 

It was 0315 in the morning before I forced myself to put that book down and go to bed. First, the book arrived in excellent physical condition and the fastest delivery I have ever seen. I noticed a little bit later that there were two little teeth marks in the top left corner; I am pretty sure they were not there when I pulled the book out of its package.

I suspect my resident Brat Prince himself personally tasted this book and found it to his liking. Perhaps, just maybe this is why he decided to lay himself across my lap and the laptop, and attempt to sleep on the keyboard and mouse pad, the whole time looking up at me with his wise and inscrutable face; an impressive feat of contortion I might add.

A little while later, as Emma was making herself comfy and clear in no uncertain terms that she would be in my lap for a lengthy duration, I noted Edgar in quiet meetings off to the side with Sophie and then Tanya, possibly giving them instructions but of course by this point, I was well into this book and not inclined to put up much of a fight.

They were kind enough to let me up long enough to cook some dinner and do some laundry, get them some treats and refresh beverages. But otherwise I was not allowed to do much of anything else so I was really glad it was a good book with a nice pace and flow to the story telling. Much is directly told or at least hinted at in the beginning…

But there are still more than enough questions that come up around the mysterious murders to keep the characters busy and the reader thoroughly engaged. At just under halfway through it, I am comfortable giving Placid River Runs Deep at least a 4 out of 5 stars for scene and setting description, and for its engaging style and story pace.

I have a feeling that by the time I am done reading this book, I will feel it deserves the full 5 stars. I am both grateful and deeply honored to have received a physical (and signed!) copy of Placid River Runs Deep. If you are looking for something befitting the summer season, full of nostalgia, and who-dun-it mystery, go here and get this book:

Placid River Runs Deep on Amazon

And go check out Mollie’s blog while you are at it: Mollie Hunt

P.S. As of this writing I added a few more chapters in last night and was again up past my bedtime. I’m super hooked on what’s going to happen next, and there is definitely more action than what the book’s cover promises.


July 25, 2018 update: I finished Placid River Runs Deep last Friday and I give it 5 stars for aforementioned qualities, also because it is a page turner, it kept me up way past my bedtime several nights in a row, and because it threw an interesting twist there at the end I thought was pretty damn nifty. Highly recommended! And now I owe a review on Amazon…coming within the next few days.