Today I am grateful for long and thick bath towels. If this seems like a strange thing to be grateful for, I suppose it is, but here is why. I live with four cats and one of them, the youngest, Edgar, my brat prince,  was rescued at a really young age, so he has some of the personality traits of both ferals and bottle-fed kittens. This is to say that he can be a little crazy and at two years old now, he’s still pretty much a kitten with an attitude.

Baby Edgar pic full of cattitude. Is it any wonder I call him my Brat Prince? 😉

This is especially true when he knows I’m getting ready to leave the house. When he was a small kitten, he would show his displeasure by pouncing me as I was about to climb out of the shower, landing on a thick black and white bath towel I have (and quickly learned to use exclusively because it works really well as body armor against kitten and cat claws). I never discouraged it because this is one of the few times he lets me pick him up.

Supervising in the kitchen.

So there I was the other day, I had some errands to run and was starting earlier than usual. I climbed out of the shower in time to see Edgar, ears laid back barreling down the hallway. To which I had just enough time to brace myself and think “Oh shit” before he threw himself forward into a full-on leap up from the bathroom floor in what was a pretty damn majestic looking pounce right at me. Or rather, on me…

Tug-o-war over possession of the “body armor” towel on a previous morning.

Thankfully I had the thick bath towel already wrapped around me and thankfully he’s not a big black panther for real (even if he thinks he is) because I suddenly had a full grown, two year old house cat hanging from the front of my bath towel looking up at me as if to say “Muhahahahaha Got you Human! You are my prisoner!!” Alas, I spoiled his fantasy when I pulled him up and cuddled him and said “aww, my widdle baby cat“…

And that’s how it came to pass that I am very grateful for big and thick bath towels.

Thanks for reading!