This is Edgar Basil Sigmund. This photo was taken the day of his adoption in May 2016, minutes after he was introduced to Emma, who took one look and bolted from the room. Edgar was born in March, and found with his siblings in someone’s garage. It is not known what happened to his mom; as far as anyone knows, the litter was abandoned.

The litter of kittens was rescued and bottled fed by a foster volunteer with Forever Friends Foundation in Cleveland Ohio. He was introduced to his human at a local clinic where Edgar’s foster Mom works; the human thought he was the cutest little thing and hoped he would be a good companion for her other young cat who was always home alone. Edgar was not too sure of the human in front of him; off he went anyway.

And so this was the expression on his face when he got to his new home, met his future best friend, and was looking up at the strange and unknown human curiously, not really sure what was going to happen next. The next thing of course was to check out the new pad, and get a closer look at the big red-headed cat that was across the room angrily glaring at him. And check out all of the toys! Oh, and check out the food bowl…

And it quickly became clear to Edgar that the human would require some training, and the big red-headed cat would require some charming, so he set about working out some ideas on how to do both. But first was a small matter of not feeling very well, and so he found himself back at the veterinarian’s clinic and had to get medicine for a sore on his belly and a urinary tract infection. He recovered quickly and was back on his game plan.

Edgar was soon hard at work trying to catch Emma, while Emma was hard at work doing her best to ignore him. He worked so hard at it that the human began calling him “Small, Dark and Evil” and “The Brat Prince”. He was stalking and pouncing on Emma and Emma was sending him bowling across the room. Edgar also found it great fun to climb the human and ride around on her shoulder everywhere she went.

Eventually, he charmed his way into Emma’s good graces, or rather, he gave her no peace and no quarter, the only way that Emma could escape was to climb up on anything that was beyond his reach. And so Emma climbed and jumped and hid, and Edgar found other things to climb, like the drapes for instance, until finally, Emma gave up and would hold the little terror down with a paw or two. And so they became friends.


Edgar fancies himself quite a success as far as cats go. He is an avid hunter of toys, feet, other cats, spiders, and Temptations cat treats. As a small kitten he began supervising everyone in the household and succeeded in training the human. He taught the human to follow basic commands, like ‘feed me’, ‘give us treats’, ‘fetch’. He trained Emma to do whatever he wants, quickly establishing that he was the boss of the house.

How did he teach a human to play ‘fetch’ you ask? He waited until the human was trying to sleep, then he brought a toy up into the bed, dropped it next to her, then placed a paw and claw strategically until the human woke up enough to see the toy. After a few applications of claws to sensitive human skin, she would wake up fast enough, see the toy and voila! She would throw it! Such a good human! Fast learner!

He could tell Emma was amused by this even though she would not join him in playing ‘fetch’. Instead she contented herself by watching him give the human plenty of exercise at night, and during the day. Especially when the human was doing dishes. Or in the shower. When Edgar wasn’t playing ‘fetch’ with the human he would supervise the washing of dishes, cat food distribution, cooking of human food and other human tasks.

Edgar has always known that humans require very close supervision. They are always playing around in water and it is amazing his human has not drowned yet. Humans also eat the strangest things. They throw away the plastic bags and eat what comes inside of them. It’s all very strange and yet also fascinating. And then one day, Edgar saw his human take the carrier and go out. When she came back there were two carriers.

Edgar approached the carriers with Emma and they both sniffed; and a pair of eyes in each carrier looked back at them. One pair of eyes emitted a hiss and Edgar was instantly intrigued. Emma however, was not. She backed up and climbed up on the chair to watch from a distance as the human said something about it hopefully just being temporary, Edgar wasn’t really paying attention. He was more interested in who was in the carrier.

When the human opened the first carrier, a big orange and black ball of fur shot out and ran for the nearest cover so fast Edgar wasn’t even sure what he had just seen. She was bigger than Emma and somehow managed to squeeze under the chaise lounge. But Edgar had no time to investigate this stranger because the other carrier was opening, and this was the one whose occupant had hissed. And out came a prissy calico miss.

She stopped and looked him up and down, hissed again and swatted in his general direction. Edgar stared for a moment, hissed back, and returned the swat not the least bit perturbed. The second stranger turned to survey the domain, sniffed a little disdainfully at Edgar and noted Emma, stared for a moment longer, then jumped up on the desk chair and continued to survey the room. And Edgar’s human, and Emma, and Edgar.

And Edgar thought to himself, ‘ah; I see the human has brought me new subjects for my Kingdom‘. And so it was. Eventually he would come to know the giant elderly cat called Tanya as relatively mild and gentle being. Though she would take great exception to his habit of walking across or standing upon her while she was sleeping next to the human at night. He would continue to try to teach a reluctant Emma to fight.

And much as she tried to strike terror into his dark and semi-feral heart, Edgar would come to know Sophie as a mentor. There is much dispute on whether or not he will be her minion. Edgar thinks not, he is no one’s minion. Sophie however, thinks otherwise. He has much to learn from her; and she has much to teach. At least until Edgar jumps on her and reminds her that he is no longer a kitten but a full-fledged King of the realm.


Success is very often the result of luck, good circumstances, ample resources, and who you know. Success does not mean there is never any failure. Edgar will never become a bird of prey for instance, but his human figures eventually he is going to jump on that ceiling fan in the kitchen, it’s just a matter of time. When he does, she will be there to fetch him safely down.